Denotes Gluten Free

Street Tacos

Ordered in quantities of 2 or 3 and based on pricing below

Any combination of 3 tacos comes with rice & beans


Soft Flour Tortilla |  ** Corn Tortilla |  Lettuce Wrap (.50 each)


All tacos can be prepared gluten free.

** Corn Tortillas prepared in a  facility that uses wheat flour.

Kinda Traditional   $5/ea

Choose 1 protein per taco:    Pulled Pork * Barbacoa * Chorizo

Radish slaw, pickled red onion, chipotle crema

Not-So Traditional   $6/ea

Roadhouse Chicken * Americana *  Po’ ’Boy Fish

Lettuce, garden relish, Mad Russian 

Not Traditional in the Slightest   $6.5/ea

Ahi Tuna

Cucumber slaw, Sriracha aioli, Wasabi mayo, soy glaze 

Banh Mi

 Soy glazed pork belly, lettuce, sweet mayo, jalapenos, pickled daikon/red onions/carrots 

The Philly

Shaved steak, peppers/onions, queso, pico


Corn and Flour Tortillas are prepared in a facility that uses wheat flour.

Please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy. Please be advised of the risk of illness from eating raw shellfish and undercooked meat or seafood.


18% gratuity included on parties of 8 or more